Fruit Cake Anyone?

In light of the Christmas season, I got to thinking about fruit cake. What is fruit cake and why does it last so long?

Do you eat it? The only person I know that actually likes fruit cake is my mom. I have tried it many times and I cannot seem to choke it down. A baked item that will keep at room temperature for 60-90 days truly scares me so I looked into it and this is what I found. Fruit cake dates back to 16th Century Europe during the times when folks were crazy about preserved fruit (some may say fruit cake was created to use up all of this extra preserved fruit). So, is it all of this preserved fruit that keep the fruit cake on the shelf for so long? Maybe it helps but it is the liqueur or brandy and covered in powdered sugar that does the trick. Apparently, fruit cake needed to stay fresh in the mail and soaking it in booze did the trick!

Hmmmm. Maybe I will try it again this year and see what I think…


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